Driven by student innovators and young entrepreneurs, we seek to provide college startups with early-stage venture capital, integrated incubation and consulting services, and a network of investors and mentors.



By assisting our portfolio firms with team-building and human resource management, whether it is recruiting new talent, coaching executives, or conducting performance reviews, we help entrepreneurs establish and maintain a cohesive and effective team.


Combining strategic consulting and venture capital, we offer our portfolio firms with an integrated suite of advisory services, from product management, performance improvement, decision optimization, corporate structuring, to change management.


As an early-stage investor and incubator, it is essential for us to secure the long-term success of our portfolio firms by providing them with a global network of post-Series A investors, potential clients, and effective mentors.


We focus on college startups that seek to transform the financial industry through innovative technology and pioneering approaches. Our services are aimed at pre-Series A fintech startups, regardless whether there is prior institutional funding.


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