Traditional hedge funds have lofty minimum investment requirements. By offering accessible investment services with low minimum commitments, we seek to democratize hedge fund investing for the average investor.

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Founded in early 2017, Sisyphus began in a dorm room with $5000 of savings, an Intel Workstation, and an unrelenting ambition for innovation and success.

William Tong

Managing Director

BA, Duke

JD, Harvard


Maxim Jones

Deputy Director

BA, Cambridge

MA, Johns Hopkins


Merrick Wong

Head of Technology

BS, Cambridge

MS, Cambridge

Jack Gu

Head of Strategy



Zhouyang Wang

Head of Compliance

BA, Peking

MFin, Tsinghua

Joseph Qiao

Head of Operations


MPA, Columbia


Sisyphus is a network of affiliated firms that combine to offer a high-impact investment portfolio through insightful ambition and revolutionary technology

Sisyphus Assets

Sisyphus Assets is a global investment management firm supported by proprietary algorithms, quantitative research, and high-frequency trading.

Sisyphus Ventures

Sisyphus Ventures is an integrated advisory firm that provides fintech startups with early-stage funding, networking opportunities, and consulting services.

Sisyphus Resources

Sisyphus Resources is a venture capital firm that focuses on the ownership and development of aluminum, copper, titanium, and zinc mines in Australia, China, and Russia.